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Our focus with custom business software is you getting a return on your investment. Imagine completing processes faster and to a better quality, capturing organisational knowledge and making more informed, data-driven business decisions.

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Axios - Custom business software

Why custom business software?

First, let’s answer the question “why not off-the-shelf software?” Off-the-shelf software tackles part of your business operations and proponents talk about “best of breed” functionality or processes.

That’s code for “run your business our way”. In reality, when you choose off-the-shelf software you are running your business against a set of template processes and forms. You’re running your business exactly the same as your competitors. How can this ever drive a competitive advantage?

The other problem with off-the-shelf is that you’ll end up with multiple systems to cover your whole business. These are unlikely to talk to each other properly, resulting in lots of error-prone and time-consuming manual handling. You also won’t be able to make truly informed business decisions that come from looking at all your data together, in one place.

Axios custom business software can cover as much or as little of your business as you want it to. It can integrate with other systems and bring information together, reducing manual handling and improving management decision making. It can expand and change with your business. It can be built to capture organisational knowledge and guide new users through complex processes, thereby reducing key-person risk.

In short, custom software can be more expensive up-front but it pays for itself many times over if you find a vendor that is skilled in business process improvement and project management – not just development.

Axios works with many astute businesses that want to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Will your business be another one of our success stories?

Common business opportunities that work well with custom

Axios - Consolidate spreadsheets and Access databases

Consolidate spreadsheets and databases

Convert your in-house tools into web-applications that are accessible to all staff. Create consistency of process and capture key-person knowledge.

Axios - Workforce scheduling and mobility

Workforce scheduling
and mobility

Manage and assign jobs to workers using skills/licensing/availability criteria. Workers have the ability to pick up jobs and report status in real-time from a mobile device.

Axios - Customer portals

Customer portals

Provide access for customers to request work, participate in jobs, close-out/approve jobs and manage their account – all tied back directly into your core system.

Axios - Contract/document construction

Contract/document construction

Use data in your custom system to pre-fill any documents you produce regularly, from purchase orders, quotations, quality reports and even contracts.

Axios - Mapping, GPS and logistics

Mapping, GPS and logistics

Visualise your workforce or assets across sites, plan efficient utilisation of workers and optimise logistics with real-time location data embedded into your custom system.

Axios - Complex process automation

Complex process automation

Capture key-person process knowledge and have your custom software walk less-experienced users through. Minimise key-person risk and maximise process efficiency and quality.

Axios - Quality management systems

Quality management systems

Embed processes into your software to monitor quality checkpoints. Introduce signoff steps and produce quality management reports without any additional work.

Axios - System integration

Systems integration

Send timesheets, job costing or order/inventory data straight to your accounting system. Integrate with HR and a myriad of other business systems to turn otherwise disparate data into business intelligence.

Axios - Business intelligence and analytics

Business intelligence
and analytics

Bring data together from across your business’ operations and finance, monitor KPIs in real time, spot trends and take informed action.

Our process

One secret to Axios’ success is having skills internally to run your project using a plan-driven (waterfall) or feedback-driven (agile) approach. They each have their pros and cons and we’ll help you work out what’s right for you.

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