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Axios can help your business with consulting engagements of all shapes and sizes. We have a range of skill-sets in house and we provide advice that considers business, technology and cost considerations.

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Axios - Consulting

We’ve provided advice to hundreds of clients

Axios has worked with customers to design software and test its feasibility – both from technical and ROI perspectives. We frequently get involved in app projects at the inception stage to assist with fine tuning ideas and ensuring the app has a sound monetisation and commercialisation plan.

Customers have asked Axios to participate in procurement panels or even assist in hiring internal technical resources.

We’ve audited technology businesses and platforms and provided expert advice on the likely value, lifespan and total cost of ownership of technology-based intellectual property.

We’ve advised on in-house technical team capability and process maturity and conducted projects to uplift internal capabilities, even offering outsourced resourcing where required in times of peak demand.

We have graphic and UI/UX designers in-house who can consult on usability, consistency, branding and responsive web-applications.

We’ve assisted customers in using technology to set up quality management systems such as ISO9001.

We are Registered Service Providers under section 29A of the Industry Research and Development Act and can provide expert R&D work in a range of software engineering disciplines, including assisting your accountant in preparing a claim for tax credits.

We can provide all of the services of a virtual CTO/CIO – allowing your business to make the right technology decisions for its budget, strategic direction and risk appetite.

Some of the ways our consulting can help you

Axios - Software requirements analysis and design

Software requirements analysis and design

We are able to help you clarify and document your business requirements so that you can get multiple quotations. We are happy to be independent or participate by providing a quotation as well.

Axios - Proof of concept work

Proof of concept work

A proof of concept can be useful for very technically challenging software to prove it is possible before embarking on the full project. It can also be useful for some apps to help raise capital.

Axios - Software audits

Software audits

If you have software that you want independently audited, we can look at the architecture, design, usability, compliance with best-practices, security and scalability so you are able to plan future maintenance options and costs.

Axios - Graphic and UI/UX design

Graphic and UI/UX design

Our wholly-owned subsidiary Verity Design can consult on brand identity, websites, product packaging, software user experience design and a range of other graphic design services.

Axios - Production environment design

Production environment design

We can analyse your new or existing application and design appropriate hosting/server environments, having regard to security, availability, performance and cost constraints. We’re experienced in backup design, high availability (HA) and a range of other cloud technologies.

Axios - Application monitoring

Application monitoring

Once online, web-applications need to be monitored continuously to ensure hardware is working and performant, security threats are repelled, and any system updates are applied. Our monitoring technology alerts us in real-time so we can often have issues fixed before you even knew there was an issue.

Axios - Skills outsourcing

Skills outsourcing

If your internal team is lacking some analysis, design, development, test or project management capabilities, we can supplement your team with an Axios employee. We can also help you recruit if you want to fill the role internally.

Axios - Research and development

Research and Development

Axios is registered under s29A of the Industry Research and Development Act which means that all of the work we do for you on eligible projects can be claimed as R&D and attract tax credits.

Axios - Virtual CTO/CIO

Virtual CTO/CIO

If you need occasional high-level strategic advice that you would usually need a CTO/CIO for, we can provide that advice. We get to know your business and work on a retainer so we’re always available when you need us.

Axios - Other custom engagements

Other custom engagements

We’ve been asked to research and devise strategies for a range of technical business problems for our clients. This includes IP valuations, quality management systems, application security uplifts and many more.

Some of our work

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Patricia Genat

ALS Library Services


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Jeremy Stones, Yianni Sotiriou & Alan Tuxford

HPS Pharmacies


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How else can we help?

Axios - Custom business software

Custom business software

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Build my app idea

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Axios - Support and maintenance

Software rescue

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If you’ve been thinking about a software project, or you’d like to know more about how custom software can improve your business, we’d love to hear from you.

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